Park Rx Utah Sticker Design Contest

Are you creative and enjoy the outdoors? This contest is for you!

We are looking for new sticker designs to include in our sticker packs! 

This contest is open from May 15 – June 13, 2021at midnight. Stickers must be related to Park RxUtah’s mission of getting people outdoors and/or enjoying Utah’s outdoor sites! 

See the full contest details and rules below:

Break from Isolation, Enjoy Some Outdoor Exploration!

Park Rx Utah’s Park Rx Day Challenge

April 15-25, 2021

Congrats to our Park Rx Utah’s Park Rx Day Challenge Winners!

First Place: BDA Club

Second Place: Hufflepuff and The Swog

Third Place: Jenna’s Team, Tickle Team and Millcreek Library

Engagement Champions: Kimmi van der Veen, Heather Harris, Hailey Persons, Bonnie Kaminski, Deana Piotrowski

Mic Drop Awards: The Lord’s Chips, Scavengers and Odders

The Extra Mile Awards: Lucy’s Fan Club and Create Better Health

Creative Juice Award: Fighting Mongooses, findadventure, Nuggets and Warnicks

MVP’s: Anna Allred, Heather Harris, Teresa Flores

Safety Squad: Team Awesome, 2Legit2Quit, BurrupFam, Power Radles and the Midgleys

Super Guesser: funhowes

We’ve Got Spirit: GOAL diggers and geterdone

Procrastination Award: ERNCOJOJO

Build a Team, Get Outdoors, Win Prizes!

Challenge Rules:

After a year of feeling stuck inside, celebrate Park Rx Day with us by participating in our Park Rx Day Challenge!

  • Download the GooseChase App to your device.
  • Have all team members create an account, and join your team on the app.
  • Join our challenge by searching “Park Rx Utah’s Park Rx Day Challenge” on the GooseChase App.
  • Complete missions throughout April 15-25, 2021 to earn points! (Each mission can only be completed ONCE per team!)
  • Winners will be announced on April 26, 2021!
    • 8600 points are entered to win first place prizes.
      • 8600 points – 1 first place drawing entry
      • 12000 points – 3 first place drawing entries
      • 15000 points – 5 first place drawing entries
      • 18000 points – 7 first place drawing entries
      • 21000 points – 10 first place drawing entries
      • 30000+ points – 15 first place drawing entries
    • 4600-8500 points are entered to win second place prizes
    • 100-4500 points are entered to win third place prizes
  • Prizes include:
    • First Place
      • Utah State Parks Pass
      • RTIC Cooler
      • Hammocks for Entire Team
      • $25 BackCountry Gift Cards for Entire Team
      • Park Rx Utah Sticker Packs for Entire Team
    • Second Place
      • Cotopaxi Fanny Packs for Entire Team
      • Stanley Cups for Entire Team
      • First Aid Kits for Entire Team
      • $25 REI Gift Cards for Entire Team
      • Park Rx Utah Sticker Packs for Entire Team
    • Third Place
      • Hammocks for Entire Team
      • First Aid Kits for Entire Team
      • Nature Whistles for Entire Team
      • Box of Rx Bars for Entire Team
      • Park Rx Utah Sticker Packs for Entire Team
  • Build your team of 3-5 Utah residents (they don’t have to live near you to be on your team!)

Congrats to our Winter Wonderland Challenge Winners!

First Place: Dallas Anderson

Second Place: Cecelia Maestas

Third Place: Kendyl Radle

Honorable Mention: Hike Wasatch

Congrats to our Expedition: Park Rx Utah Fall Contest Winners!

Grand Prize: Dallas Anderson
Second Place: Franco Arellano & Kialei McFarland
Third Place: Amy Farr, Carly Giardino, & Jessica Powell

Stay tuned and be sure to follow our social media pages for more information about our upcoming WINTER challenge!

Until then, enjoy our highlight video from the fall contest!

Park Rx Utah does not own the rights to the music provided in the video below.

Are you ready for the challenge?  Join us on the expedition to get outside here in Utah! 

Earn points for completing tasks from the expedition list. You must document each task you complete and submit all entries to  Each task has specified points and documentation methods — please read them carefully!  You may only complete each task once, and you MUST be a Utah Resident! 

1-45 total points = entry for 3rd place drawing

46-90 total points = entry for 2nd place drawing 

91-127  total points = entry for grand prize drawing

The contest runs from September 14-September 28, 2020 @ 11:59 PM.  Winners will be announced September 30, 2020. 

Instagram and Facebook are in no way affiliated with this contest run by Park Rx Utah. Park Rx Utah is not responsible for any harm or injuries.  Please be cautious and respectful of nature when completing tasks.  


Printable Contest Materials

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